Data Protection Policy

In choosing and booking your holiday at Bosilliac you give us information about yourself and the other people staying here with you. This document tells you what data we collect and why, what we do with it, how long we keep it, how you can find out what data we have about you, and how you can get it changed or deleted.

The data we collect

When you contact us, by email, the enquiry form on our website, phone us, you probably give us information such as your name, email address and/or phone number.When you come to book you’ll usually give us your address and the names of the people who will be staying with you.

Data we don’t collect

We never take credit or debit card details from you, and if you pay by bank transfer or cheque we don’t record any of your bank details. We never ask for anyone’s ethnicity, religion, or date of birth.

Why we collect and store the data you give us

We collect only necessary data so that we can communicate with you before your holiday starts, welcome you to Bosilliac, and stay in touch for a while after you’ve gone home. So some of the data is what we need to fulfil the contract you have with us, and some of it helps us improve the experience for you.

Where we store the data you give us

All the data you give us is stored in properly managed and password protected systems on our computer and email mailbox. We also use commercial software to manage some of our bookings, which is also hosted in a professionally managed secure data centre. Other bookings are managed for us by a professional booking agent.

How long do we store your data for

We keep your details for two years after the year in which you last stayed with us, so that if you want to re-book we can do some of the work for you. After that, we delete your personal data.

Sharing you data

We only share your data in very limited circumstances. The people who manage the software systems we use can typically see the data held in these systems, but the contract we have with them prohibit them from misusing or passing on that data. Our Booking Agent will also be able to see your data. We never sell your data to third parties.

Contacting us to change or delete data - Lorna Crewes

If you need to contact me please email: or phone: 01326 250307